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How to check the genset before start

2021-06-18 00:00:00


Operation Guide

Before starting the generator set, please read carefully operating and maintenance instructions manual book, in order to guarantee safe operation.

Generator set checklist before starting:

1. Daily inspection and maintenance are necessary.

2. Check all rotating parts of the generator set to ensure there are no blockages.

3. Check the cooling system, lubrication system, fuel system to ensure no leaks and loose connections. 

4. Check the level of electrolyte in the battery, refill it if necessary.

6. Check the electrical cable between batteries and generator set, keep it in good condition and free from dirt and oxidation.

7. Check the electrical connection and earth connection, ensure them in good condition.

8. For more detail information, please refer to Noji Power operation and maintenance instructions.

Starting and Operation:

1. If the generator set is automatic type, then once it is started, the generator will automatically operate by itself.

2. If the generator set is the manual type or in manual mode, it needs to be manually started up and operated.

3. In the condition of idle speed and fuel supply, please manually start up the generator, three times starting trials is allowed, 

    but the interval between each starting trial shall not be less than 10 seconds.

4. After successfully starting up the generator set, please release the starting button.

5. The voltage of charging voltmeter shall be more than 25V/13V (this is for 24V/13V electrical starting system), or the 

    position of charging current metering shall point to the positive position, it means the charging is working well.

6. If the generator set issues any alarms, it must be stopped for inspection.

7. After starting the generator, do not run the generator at idle speed for a long time. Monitoring the running generator, 

    if any abnormal noise or alarm issued, stop the generator for inspection.

8. After idle speed, please speed up the engine to rated speed, if the generator works very well without load, 

    (the period of unload or low load shall not belong) close the circuit breaker to supply power to load.

9. Monitoring all the information showing on the control panel of the generator.

Stopping the generator set:

1. If the generator set is of the automatic type, it will automatically stop when the stop function is activated.

2. If the generator set is the manual type or in a manual mode of the automatic type, manually stop is required

3. Gradually unload until completely remove it from the generator set, open the circuit breaker and let the engine run 

    at idle speed or rated speed for 1 to 5 minutes before it stops. 

How to check the genset before start
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