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How to choose a generator?

2021-08-11 10:45:57


How to choose a generator?

Electricity is a great invention. It plays a very important role in people's life and production. Human beings can't do without electricity. No one likes power outages, but during the typhoon season, power peaks and remote areas are prone to power shortages. The room became dark, the communication was interrupted, the refrigerator air conditioner could not work, the factory was shut down, and so on. For home, factory, telecommunications, financial and field operations, it is important to prepare the generator as an emergency backup power source. There are many generators and generators on the market.           

How to choose a generator?


First of all, generators are mainly divided into diesel generators and gasoline generators.

Secondly, when choosing a generator, it needs to be selected according to the requirements of the industry. For example, the use of generator equipment, load, use environment, automation functions, etc. 

As usual, we recommend household gasoline generators or silent diesel Generators, you should calculate the power you need, 

for example, lights (200W), kitchen appliances (3KW), air conditioners (2KW-5KW), TV (200W), therefore, We would advise customers to use 8kw or 10kw generator sets.

ClassifiedFuelIgnition modePower rangeCooling modeApplicationAdvantagesDisadvantages
Gasoline generatorGasolineSpark ignition1-12kVAAir-cooledHome lighting and air conditioning.Price cheap, low noise, small volume, easy to move and operateMaximum power 10kVA.  Continuous work is generally less than 8 hours
Diesel generatorDiesel oilCompression-ignition8-2500kVAWater-cooledHotel, telecommunications, factory enterprises etcLarge output power, high power generation, it can work continuously for more than 8 hoursIt's expensive and some noisy, large volume, need to build a generator room or buy a silent canopy.

How to choose a generator?
How to choose a generator?
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Diesel generators from 10kva-3000kva.

Marine generators from 20kva-1250kva.

Gas generators from 25kva-1500kva.

Gasoline generators from 1kva to 12kva. 



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